We can supply and install your LED LCD or Plasma TV for you        

  • Mount it on your choice of : Fixed Swivel or Tilt bracket
  • Conceal the cabling in the wall & discuss any futureproofing      
  • Connect to and set up your Av Equipment , PC , Laptop etc

Which one to choose

Pros & Cons :
Excellent for viewing fast action like sport
Plasma screens have virtually no motion blur.
Plasmas have better contrast, with richer, deeper blacks
Generate more heat than LCDs and can require an internal fan.
Heavier than LCDs and can be more expensive to run.
Screens can be very reflective in bright light
Dont come in smaller sizes
Vs Plasma
Lighter & use less power
Off axis viewing  (when viewed from the sides/ bottom) not as good
Contrast and black levels not as good.
Some Tv's suffer motion blur during fast action or sports scenes
Mostly lighter & thinner
Can have better contrast ratio
Screens are not as reflective.
Generally more expensive than standard LCDs of the same size.
Like LCDs, off axis viewing not as good
These last few years have seen a tremendous improvement in LCD LED technology to the point that most of the 'cons' above do not apply