Freeview is the new Free to air Digital TV Service that has replaced the old analogue system, which has ceased transmitting. There are more channels, improved picture and sound, an onscreen guide, and the ability to record one or more channels whilst watching a third or previously recorded programme.



  • Better Reception
  • More channels
  • Extra services
  • No ongoing fees

  To receive Freeview in High Definition (HD) requires:

  • You to be in the DTT coverage area 
  • Check here
  • A suitable UHF Antenna
  • Tv with a Digital Tuner, ie "Freeview built in",
  • With an HDMI input capable of displaying a resolution of 720P / 1080i
  • Or a DVB -T Set Top Box, PVR, or HTPC card
  • If your Tv does not meet the required specifications, Freeview can still be installed to take advantage of the extra channels and improved picture quality, which is equally impressive in Standard Definition(SD)